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Dr. Darrel Ray is an atheist, humanist, and psychologist. He is the author of The God Virus, and specializes in issues relating to religious deconversion. [ more ]
If you have an issue relating to religion but no one to talk to, ask Dr. Ray. He doesn’t promise that he has all the answers, but hopefully he will be able to provide insight and experience that will be beneficial for both you and for the many other young people in similar situations.

I live in a very religious area, where can I go to find a community where I can be honest about my atheism?

From Dr. Ray

In almost any community there are freethought groups that meet regularly. Join Meetup.com and search your local area for groups with names like: Freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, recovering from religion, Brights, or skeptics. If your parents won’t let you go to one of these groups, search for science groups. Most parents won’t object to their child learning more about science. Wherever scientifically minded people are, you will find atheists, agnostics and freethinkers and you can explore your ideas almost as freely. Scientists are almost always freethinkers. If you are in school, science clubs are great places to meet other freethinkers.
You can also go online and join any number or forums and discussion groups devoted to exploring ideas about religion and non-religion. Not every forum is open to teenagers, but there are plenty that are. Remember to protect yourself, and keep your personal information, like your last name, telephone number and address, private.

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