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If things had gone a little differently, Texas might now be a communist state.

In the 1840’s and 50s Texas was a wide open place that attracted settlers from all over the world who wanted to be able to live according to their own prescriptions. Ten years earlier a group of European intellectuals became infatuated with the idea of a utopian society founded in communism, and they attempted to create several such heavens on Earth out in the Texas plains. Their multiple attempts were all abject failures, however. The money they raised was ill spent; the people charged with creating the roots of their new society were mostly unskilled in any practical labors such as farming or carpentry; and they were unprepared for the harsh realities of frontier life. Most of all they discovered that when everyone was only expected to work as much as they wanted in the way that best served the greater society, that everyone preferred to be a decision-maker, and no one ever wanted to be a laborer.

Still though, had only a few things been different during that decade, Texas might now look very different indeed.

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