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Critical Thinking

Reason and critical thinking are at the heart of the humanist movement, just as they are at the heart of all science and philosophy.

Taking something on faith means not bothering to think it through for yourself. Thinking about information critically is harder work, but the results are sure to be more accurate and more satisfying.

As ridiculous as it sounds: there are sectors of the country that are working to remove critical thinking skills as an educational goal from public schools because of the threat they pose to religious indoctrination. We believe that would be an unforgivable detriment to the students affected, and would rob them of the pleasure that comes from learning by examining evidence; as opposed to simply memorizing facts (right or wrong) presented by authority figures.

Bridge8 has developed this series of videos to help explain some of the fundamentals of critical thinking.

Bridge8: Critical Thinking Playlist
…science, atheism & the natural world.

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